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Vintage Ebony Burlesque

there isnt enough black representation on tumblr… im glad im seeing a post like this

I need the third one from the bottom


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“We also live in an era where a lot of the old, supporting institutions are either opening up or crumbling, so I suggest that people don’t try to distort who they are to fit notions of what’s professionally viable, because that paradigm is over. I suggest you focus in on your weirdness, your passions, and your fucked-up damage, and be yourself as truly as you can.”

—   Molly Crabapple’s advice to young artists. Well said. (via wendyfitch)


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“That girl typing alone at the internet café might be finishing off her novel. Or she might be breaking up with her boyfriend. Or breaking into a bank. Unless you can see her screen, you can’t know for sure. It’s all just keystrokes.”

Social experiment. Reblog if you actually give a shit about women who are victims of rape and domestic abuse.

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“Frankly put. I am a FAKE GEEK GUY. I admit it. I like geek stuff, but I don’t love geek stuff. Not the way most geeks do. I’m an interloper on the geek scene. I’ve seen the movies, but I don’t know the canon. I am not a true fan.

All those things about not really loving the source material and “just watching the movies” or only reading the one book that everyone has read. That—all of that—applies to me.

But here are some things that have never happened to me. I have never been quizzed about who Data’s evil brother is to prove I like Star Trek. I have never had to justify my place in a midnight line to see Spider-man II by knowing who took up the mantle of Spider-man after Peter Parker’s death. (Peter Parker dies? Really? That’s so sad!) I have never had to explain who Nightwing is in order to participate in a conversation about Batman. (Nightwing is like….Robin on steroids, right?) I have never been asked how battle meditation works in order to voice my opinion that Enterprise shields would probably make a fight with Star Wars technology one sided. (Battle meditation is something that was in that Jedi role playing game, wasn’t it?) I have never had to beat everybody in the room (twice) at Mario Kart to prove I liked video games. I have never had my gender “honorarily” changed by having enough geek interests to be accepted (“you’re one of the guys now”). No one has ever insisted I tell them the difference between a tank and DPS in an MMORPG before allowing me to discuss raiding Molten Core. I have never been dismissed as a faker at a prequel screening because I didn’t know which admiral came out of light speed too close to the planet’s surface in The Empire Strikes Back. I have never been quizzed about Armor Class in order to get past someone who was blocking my path to the back of a game store where my friends were waiting at the tables. I have never been told I’m not a real fan. I have never been shamed for coming to a convention despite my lack of esoteric knowledge. And I have never, ever, EVER been invited to leave a fandom because I didn’t like [whatever it was] enough.

Every one of the things I have listed, I have personally witnessed happen. To women.

That’s not elitism. That’s sexism.”


The “Fake Geek” is Not The Problem When It Comes to “Fake Geek Girls” (via brutereason)

I just heard from Ace of Geeks, where this was originally published. Looks like it’s getting reblogged all over the place, but the person who originally wrote it, and the site that originally published it, aren’t getting any credit.

That’s not cool, so:

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Let’s Talk About Loathe (The current crisis in American music criticism, why you should care, and what you can do to fix it.) Part I


Kind of like the Stanford Prison Experiment, but without those swell jumpsuits

Imagine, for a minute, that the majority of America’s movie critics had the cinematic tastes of the average twelve-year-old… image

…or if America’s art critics regularly accused people who preferred dark,…

if you care at all about music, you should read this.

Happy Alice Day.


Happy Alice Day.


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Shooting video for @jaemebee @supermercado23 (at Warehouse)


What is synesthesia and why do so many musicians—from Kanye to Pharrell to Frank Ocean—have it? Ryan Dombal finds out.


What is synesthesia and why do so many musicians—from Kanye to Pharrell to Frank Ocean—have it? Ryan Dombal finds out.


Helen Mirren: Not dealing with your misogynistic bullshit since 1975.

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